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Administration and Faculty Directory

Name Position
Mr. Brian Begley Principal
Mrs. Mary Bayne Assistant Principal
Mr. Aaron Bearinger
Assistant Principal
Mr. Casey Lundgren Assistant Principal
Ms. Susan Marlatt Assistant Principal
Mr. Chad Zimmerman Assistant Principal, Activities and Athletics

Name Position
Abbey, Amanda Teacher, SPED
Amidon, Jan   Teacher, English
Anderson, Nancy Teacher, Social Studies
Ariza, Carol Teacher, Spanish
Bacon, Dave Teacher, Social Studies
Bailor, Hannah Teacher, English
Betzold, Rhonda Teacher, English
Biga, Emil Teacher, Computer Science
Boldt, Tom Teacher, Science
Breard, Peggy Community Counselor 
Brennan, Wendy Teacher, World Languages
Brisbois, Tony Teacher - Art
Brooks, Jolie Teacher - Science
Buckley, Dave Teacher, Science
Bull, Sabrina Denny Teacher, English
Burdic, Stephanie Teacher, Librarian
Burke, Christopher M. Teacher, Industrial Technology
Cannon, Tim Teacher, Social Studies
Carroll, Chris Teacher, English
Chaloupka, Julie Speech Pathologist
Chavez, Mark Teacher, Physical Education
Cobb, Chris Teacher, English
Cork, Dave Teacher, Physical Education
Cossack, Sarah Teacher, Math
Crotzer, Sarah Teacher, English
Culler, Julie Teacher, Science
Cunningham, Andy Teacher, Physical Education
Cunningham, Bill Teacher, World Languages
Daughtridge, Bill IB
Diploma Program Coordinator
Depue, Jillian Guidance Counselor
Derrig, Randy Teacher, Science
Diehl, Dave Teacher, Social Studies
Donohue, Linda Teacher, Art
Dovali, Meghan Teacher, Math
Draeger, Jared Teacher, Math
Drummond, Doug Teacher, Social Studies
Drummond, Sandy Teacher, English
Dugdale, Scott Teacher, Music
Dunn, Greg Teacher, Industrial Technology
Ebke, James Teacher, Math
Eblen, Sharon Teacher, Science
Edmundson, Brad Teacher, Social Studies
Edmundson, Michelle Teacher, Social Studies
Elledge, Judy Teacher, Special Education
Elliott, Viann Teacher, Science
Etzelmiller, Kathryn Teacher, Math
Etzelmiller, Mike Teacher, Physical Education
Falke, David Teacher, Social Studies
Feltz, Andrea Teacher,
Family Consumer Science
Foehlinger, Ryan Teacher, French
Furlow, Stephanie Teacher, Spanish
Gabel, Paul Guidance Counselor
Glesne, Judy Teacher,
Family Consumer Science
Glynn, Barry Teacher, English
Goodman, Allison Teacher, Business
Grimes, Peter Teacher, Science
Gustafson, Jeff Teacher, Business
Hacker, Jessica Teacher, Social Studies
Hahn, Andy Guidance Counselor
Harding, Aaron Teacher, Math
Hawkins, Mark Teacher, English
Herink, Nick Teacher, English
Higgins, Tim Teacher, Math
Hippen, Carmen Guidance Counselor
Hirz, Jake Teacher, Math
Holst, Gary Teacher, Industrial Technology
Hoover, Shaun Teacher, Spanish
Horton, Karen Nurse
Hutchinson, Bodwin Teacher, Math
Irwin, Leslie Teacher, English
Jahn, Daryl Teacher, Science
Jensen, Theresa Teacher, Spanish
Johnson, Beth Teacher, Special Education
Johnson, Emily Teacher, Math
Johnson, Terrin Psychologist
Jones (Krogstrand), Alicia Teacher, Math
Jurgens, Kyle Teacher, Math
Keim, Hans Teacher, Science
Kelley, Jeanne Teacher, Art
Kirke, John Teacher, Industrial Technology
Kirkland, Emily Teacher, Business
Knudson, Larissa Teacher, Spanish
Kokrda, Eunice Teacher,
Family Consumer Science
Kolander, Julia Teacher, Latin

Kratochvil, Marla

Teacher, Social Studies
Krogstrand, Alicia Teacher, Math
Lallman, Angela Teacher, Spanish
Lerner, Steve Teacher, Science
Lincoln, Stacey Teacher, Math
Lingenfelter, Joshua Teacher, Language Arts
Loveless, Scott Teacher, Social Studies
Maly, Keith Teacher, Special Education
Martin, Sarah Teacher, English
Martinez, Debbie Teacher, Music
Mathis, Craig Teacher, Music, Band
McCabe, LaDonna Teacher, French
McCauley, Michael Teacher, English
McEnaney, David Teacher, Science
McFee, Leslie Teacher, Math
McGill, Renee Teacher, English
McNemar, Ellen Teacher, Math
Mertz, Walt Teacher, Science
Meyer, Terry Teacher, Latin
Milks, Julie Teacher, Math
Milliken, Scott Teacher, English
Monzingo, Trent Teacher, Science
Moor, Kelly Teacher, Spanish
Moore, Dana Teacher, English
Murphy, Kari Teacher, English
Nauslar, Tonya Teacher, SPED
Neth, Keith Teacher, Social Studies
Nord, Bradley Teacher, Social Studies
Noodell, Dave Teacher, Science
O'Brien, Mila Teacher, Family Consumer Science
O'Neill, Connor Teacher, Business
O'Shea, Tara Teacher, Physical Education
O'Toole, Kelly Psychologist
Ott, Lance Teacher, Social Studies
Patten, Dave Teacher, Industrial Technology
Pearson, Tyler Teacher, Science
Persigehl, Scott Teacher, Business
Petito, Fred Teacher, Physical Education
Pilkington, Mark Teacher, Social Studies
Pitt, Jason Teacher, German
Placek, Ryan Teacher, Music
Preuss, Christina Teacher, Science
Pulverenti, Jeff Teacher, Math
Reed, Melinda Teacher, Physical Education
Reisbig, Beth Teacher, English
Richt, Tim Teacher, Business
Ripa, Amber Teacher, English
MYP Coordinator
Rohde, Simon Teacher, Social Studies
Rohde, Tricia Teacher, Special Education
Ronan, Michelle Teacher, Special Education
Rooney, Joy Teacher, Science
Rushenberg, Christie Teacher, English
Salberg, Jeff Teacher, Social Studies
Sandau, Jon Teacher, Art
Schettler, Loel Guidance Counselor
Scheef, Blaise Teacher, Math
Schurevich, Aaron Teacher, English
Scott, Amanda Teacher, Math
Shannon, Sherryl Teacher, English
Skretta, Kym Speech
Snow, Brent Teacher, Social Studies
Stackhouse, Laurie Guidance Counselor
Stromberg, Jim Teacher, Social Studies
Sullivan, Stephanie Teacher, Special Education
Swedlund, Elizabeth Teacher, Business
Swoboda, John Teacher, Special Education
Tapp, Tara Teacher, Spanish
Terrell, Rebecca Teacher, English
Therkelsen, Jodi Guidance Counselor
Tingwald, Tina Teacher, Special Education
Tisdale, McKenzie Teacher, Family and Consumer Science
Tredway, Mirm Teacher, Art
Welte, Eric Teacher, Math
White, Weylon Teacher, Math
Williamson, Michelle Teacher, English
Wilson, John Teacher, Science
Wright, Sarah Teacher, Physical Education
Yakus, Bob Teacher, Science
Yost, Jeff Technology
Zentic, Lindsey Teacher, World Languages

"The Millard School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, disability, or age, in admission or access to or treatment of employment, in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 5606 South 147 Street, Omaha, NE 68137 (402) 715-8200. The Superintendent may delegate this responsibility as needed. Complaints and grievances by school personnel or job applicants regarding discrimination or sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule 4001.2. Complaints and grievances by students or parents regarding discrimination or sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule 5010.2." Not Responsible for information found by linking beyond this page. E-mail addresses are for use by staff, parents, and students relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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